44th Annual

American Youth Horse Council 



March 4-6, 2021

Speelman, Rebecca

Featured Speakers

Dr. Rebecca Spellman

Follow the Horse's Lead

Mark Yarbrough

Suffer From BURNOUT?

Go From Burnout to ON FIRE!

Wade Black

Training Quality Assurance

Yarbrough, Mark
Wade Black
Video Conference


From the Book to the Barn -

Educational Tools to Teach Safe, Effective Horsemanship

The virtual 44th Annual AYHC Symposium will offer much more than a webinar series; the virtual format will feature the key elements that make the AYHC Symposium a unique event that draws attendees who return year after year:

  • The virtual AYHC Symposium will bring together all facets of the equine industry with a common goal of uniting kids and horses.

  • The non-breed / non-discipline specific curriculum will offer equine knowledge that transfers from the book to the barn, providing educational tools that volunteers, teachers, trainers, and coaches can use to teach youth about safe and effective horsemanship.

  • Robust networking tools will encourage attendees to make new connections with shared interests through community discussion boards, virtual meet-ups and attendee matchmaking.

  • A sponsor showcase and virtual exhibit hall will feature company profiles and videos, exhibitor coupons and interactive tools to connect participants with the latest products and resources in the equine industry. 

  • All content will be recorded and available to registered participants for six (6) months including the workshops, discussion boards and virtual exhibit hall.


The virtual AYHC Symposium presents an opportunity for adult and student leaders in the youth horse industry to learn, network, share ideas and grow as an industry…from the comfort of your home or office!